Gauges & Meters (Odometer, Speedometer...)


The first solution to quickly build all types of gauges and meters in Microsoft® Excel and PowerPoint.

You can even design your custom gauge with your own details (background logo, colors...).


Gauge and meters to build your electronic dashboard!

The gauge is one of the best visualizations to provide instant information.
But BeGraphic provides much more than few examples, by giving you the capacity to customize your odometer chart... As if you were a watch designer!
Using a gauge, you will give a direct access to a frame of reference showing a scale and alerts (minimum, maximum, threshold).

A complete collection of meters

Customize the gauges on a set of options:

  • Background color and picture (e.g.:logo)
  • type and shape of the needle
  • alerts zones
  • text at the end of the needle
  • labels for graduations
  • Window (even with a glint)

... And this library is easily expandable.


The Users' Forum

BeGraphic has a large community of users sharing the same passion for
Data Visualization (dataviz).

Enjoy the experience!
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