Sparklines / microcharts / word-sized graphics / mini graphs

The largest collection of sparklines in the world.



Sparklines, a maximum of information in a minimum space

The sparklines allows you to keep a chart in an Excel cell, in a dense informative dashboard.

Reduced to the max, a micro chart is always more easily understandable than a list of numbers (requiring a preliminary analysis).

These word-sized charts provide the ultimate information visualization for Big data.

A complete collection of 18 sparklines All usable in Microsoft Excel

BeGraphic offers these categories:

  • Performance: Bullet & Reverse Bullet.
  • Evolution: Line, Area & Horizon.
  • Comparison: H-Bar, Barchart, V-Bar & varichart.
  • Composition: Cascade chart / Waterfall, Stacked, PieFlat, Pareto.
  • Distribution: Boxplot, Stripes & Spread.
  • Correlation: Heatmap.
  • Scales.


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