Interactive Colored Maps / Choropleth charts

The first solution to give GIS (Geographical Information System) in Microsoft® PowerPoint and/or Excel. The largest range of dynamic vector maps.


Free data-driven geographic maps

Maps available: continents, countries, states, counties...
Custom maps: Design your personal maps.
Create you own plan, building diagram, scheme and to be converted into a dynamic colored map (choropleth).

A complete collection of 30,000 maps

BeGraphic provides the largest maps collection for Microsoft® Office (PowerPoint and Excel).
All 30,000 fee maps (template) have been drawn by a professional cartographer.

Interactive maps

Create your interactive maps thanks to dynamic data-driven colors (color-coding).
Maps are based on cells format (including contionnal formatting and live-data update).

All kinds of customizable maps and plans

With BeGraphic, you can even build your own geographical data visualization (custom map, sales territory, housing scheme, theater seats booking, plane statistics occupancy, warehouse usage, building services and maintenance, shipyard's assembly planning...).



The Users' Forum

BeGraphic has a large community of users sharing the same passion for
Data Visualization (dataviz).

Enjoy the experience!
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