Put innovative diagrams & business charts in Microsoft Office

Add in Microsoft® Excel and/or PowerPoint
new data visualizations

  • Interactive Maps: clickable maps
  • Gauge & Meters: fully customizable
  • Sparklines: 18 types of word-sized charts (only to Microsoft® Excel)
  • Cascade chart: the famous storytelling diagram
  • Gantt chart: track your projects with this famous graphic.



A picture is worth a thousand words!

It is scientifically proven that the vision is the means to communicate more efficiently.
BeGraphic brings you the best visualization of your reports and presentations. 

Easy to use


No training needed to use BeGraphic wich is used directly inside Microsoft® PowerPoint &/or Excel.
A fully integrated solution.
A user friendly interface for setting, without macros or programming language.

Data-driven graphics

With BeGraphic, prepare model presentations that you can reuse
(monthly presentation, briefing books...).
Presentations automatically updated with new data available.

Innovative charts

BeGraphic offers you so many options that you can design you own data-driven charts and diagrams.
So flexible that users can customize their own graphics
(color, shape, logo,...).