Waterfall chart / Cascade chart / Bridge graph / Dancing bricks diagram


This data visualization was popularized by the strategic consulting firm McKinsey for presentation
This cascade chart allows any user to quickly build in Microsoft® PowerPoint and/or Excel some "flying bricks".


The perfect storytelling graphic

This visualization is the solution for showing periodic values and their cumulative effect, even when figures are negative.

It has always been a problem to visualize in the mean time some values and their consolidated impact. Usually users try to show stacked charts to do so. But the pitfall is that the step-by-step logic doesn't appear anymore with any old-fashioned charts. That is why for a good communication, you need this Waterfall chart!

All CFO love this dancing chart

If BeGraphic adds this ready-to-use chart, this is because many financial directors are willing to build this visualization. During a presentation, what you say is confirmed by what the audience sees. So your speech becomes even more powerful!



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