Gauges & Meters: Free dashboard in Excel and PowerPoint


BeGraphic helps you to create gauges in Excel and PowerPoint. Thes speedometers, odometers, tachometers or tachymeters (other names of gauges) can be fully customized, including alerts and logos in the background.

Contrary to what some people think, a gauge shows much more than one value. It gives the minimum, the maximum, the current value and above all
at lightning speed how far from the maximum you are (in milliseconds, without deciphering figures).

  • That is why aircraft pilots heavily use them (Boeing and Airbus have made deep research,
    and still their "glass cockpit" are mainly made of circular and half-circular gauges).

  • Doctors also use gauges, but linear ones (called thermometers)... for obvious bodily reasons.

  • Thermometers are called "Bullet charts" by Stephen Few (adding target / color-coding).



How to create your custom gauge with BeGraphic?

Prepare your data inside Excel.

                        You need at least 3 values to configure the gauge:

                        - One for the minimum value of the gauge

                        - Another for the maximum value

                        - And the current value (to position the needle).


Click on the "Gauge" button in the BeGraphic ribbon.

                        In order to position the gauge on your report, you have to move / resize the red dashed rectangle to the right place.


Set up BeGraphic.

                        Link BeGraphic parameters to your Excel cells (e.g.:minimum, maximum and current values).


More explanation

1. See the How-to video here.

2. Tips and tricks about BeGraphic gauges customization are on the dedicated forum page.

3. The PDF manual is downloadable here.

4. Example of gauges in Excel can be used by going:

    a. Inside the BeGraphic ribbon, click on the last button called "Example and Help" to access the demo collection.

    b. In the first sub-menu "Example of usage", pick the "United Kingdom demo" data-driven map.



Why BeGraphic gauges are different?

BeGraphic gives you the opportunity to customize gauges, such as:

  • background color and picture (e.g.: logo of your products or competitors)
  • type and shape of the needle
  • alerts in order to show targets to reach or dangerous areas
  • text at the end of the needle
  • labels fro graduations.

Download the Lite version (FREE)





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