Interactive Maps (FREE): clickable maps for PowerPoint & Excel


The biggest collection of maps for PowerPoint in the world... and it's free!

BeGraphic is the first solution to give free GIS (Geographical Information System) inside Microsoft Office,
by giving:

  • free editable maps of the world (continents, countries, states, counties... usable as clipart images).
  • a complete collection of 10,000 professional maps (this is the largest collection of maps for PowerPoint in the world).
  • interactive maps: dynamic data-driven colors, based on cells format (including conditional formatting and live-data update).
  • any customization of maps and plans, to build your own geographical data visualization (custom map, sales territory, housing scheme, theater seats booking, plane statistics occupancy, warehouse usage, building services and maintenance, shipyard's assembly planning...).

Our users




Download more than 10,000 maps for PowerPoint  &  make them interactive with BeGraphic.

To promote the coming version Pro, BeGraphic offers for free 4 key functions, including the largest range of maps for PowerPoint in its "version Lite". Since the beginning of 2010, several thousands of users are rushing to use BeGraphic to build free custom maps in PowerPoint or Excel.

BeGraphic gives you for free the largest editable PowerPoint vector map range with 10,000 maps (as a 2010 gift) for presentations, graphic design, web & more. All these maps are 100% editable and scalable in PowerPoint, Excel or any vector graphic tool as Adobe Illustrator. They are professionally designed, perfectly optimized for business presentation requirements and ready to customize.

Creating thematic maps for Business or Marketing such as territory maps or sales maps is simply because all countries, states and counties are individual selectable shapes. BeGraphic gives you the opportunity to create effortless dynamic custom maps. Thematic maps are also known as tinted maps, choropleth maps, intensity maps, dynamic maps or data-driven maps.

All shapes can be data-driven by cells in order to create dynamic maps depending on values. We advise you using the conditional formatting with fill colors which is a useful feature of Excel. once your map is customized, you just have to change values and BeGraphic will duplicate the cell's format on the shape's one.


Don't wait, Save Money and Time and download the free version now.


How to make your custom map with BeGraphic?


Click on the "Geographical map" button and select a map (more than 10,000 maps are available for no cost).


To know how to receive the free 10,000 maps, click here.



Prepare your data inside Excel (for data-driven maps):

  • Create a table with your data.

  • Put conditional formatting using "fill color".

Set up BeGraphic:

  • Select the shape (Country, State, County,FreeForm, Autoshape, Picture...)
  • Click on the "Set Parameters" button in the BeGraphic ribbon.
  • Define the "source cell" field to get dynamic color. Source cell will control the animation of the shape. Indeed BeGraphic will duplicate the cell's format on the shape's one. 
    Nb: Repeat this latest action for all shapes to finish your custom map.


More explanation

  1. Video: you can see a tutorial of the choropleth map here.
  2. Tips and tricks about BeGraphic interactive maps are on the dedicated forum pages.
  3. The PDF manual is downloadable here.
  4. Example of thematic map can be used by going:
  • Inside the BeGraphic ribbon in Excel, click on the last button called "Example and Help" to access the demo collection.
  • In the first sub-menu "Example of usage', pick the "United Kingdom demo" data-driven map.



Why choosing BeGraphic?

Your last questions might be about benchmarking BeGraphic with other simple GIS tools (Geographical Information System), such as "Data Map" in Excel 2000, MapPoint, Google Maps, Google Intensity map, Geo Map, Solap (Spatial Olap), Geoqlik (a not free Qlikview add-on), interactive map alerts and Map components (Xcelsius) or Dundas maps (Reporting Services).

The answer is simple: BeGraphic offers simplicity being 100% pure Microsoft Office addin!

  • There is no training needed to use interactive map or to build a custome map in few minutes inside Excel or PowerPoint.
  • Your users will directly read your maps, without needing additional software.
  • BeGraphic has the largest collection of maps you could expect. On top of that, these 10,000 maps are given for free.
  • Any customization: you can draw up maps by yourself.
  • You don't have to learn or use macros or a programming language.


Download the Lite Version of BeGraphic (FREE).




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