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To improve BeGraphic in 2013, we transform the old "Version1 Lite" into the new "V2 Free".

This new free version is included in the "Version2 Pro", allowing you to try the upper functions during one month withing paying nothing.

After the first 30 days, the "Version2 Pro" will automatically turn down into the "V2 free" (without ready-to-use graphics).

Version2 Pro's ready-to-use graphics will include plug-ins such as packaged maps, Waterfall / Bridge chart, Gantt chart...

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F.A.Q. about this page

  • Q1. What happens after filling and sending the form via the submit button?
    • 1. You will automatically receive an email with you license (valid during 1 month) and the BeGraphic's download link.
  • Q2. From when can I buy BeGraphic V2Pro?
    • From July 1st, 2012. It will include additional functions that will be available in different steps during 2012.