The largest collection of sparklines in the world: 18 types of word-sized charts for Excel!

Here is the complete list by categories:

  • Performance: Bullet chart & Reverse Bullet chart.
  • Evolution: Line, Area & Horizon.
  • Comparison: H-Bar chart, Barchart, V-Bar & Varichart.
  • Composition: Cascade chart / waterfall chart, Stacked, PieFlat, Pareto.
  • Distribution: BoxPlot, Stripes & Spread.
  • Correlation: Heatmap.
  • Scales.

This type of visualization is characterized by its small size, providing a real data density in each cell (far better than providing only one figure).

Even if Sparklines don't show details, they help you to drive by giving you the opportunity to visualize KPI's progress (long-term trend, or exceptions).
By showing acceleration insights or variations (more useful than some decimals), Sparklines enhance your decision making ability.

The term Sparkline was first proposed by Edward Tufte for "data-intense, design-simple, word-sized graphics".
Sparklines are also called in-cells graphics, mini-charts or micro-charts.


Dashboard with Sparklines.


How to create Sparklines with BeGraphic?

Click on the "Spaklines pro" button in the BeGraphic ribbon.

  • Your macro security settings need to be enabled.
  • To know how to change it, go to the forum to read the 'How-to' documentation here.


Click on "Insert SFE" and select the type that you are interested in (e.g.: bullet chart, line chart, cascade, pareto, heatmap...).


Set up the function window (e.g.: Points1, Points2, Minimum, Maximum...).



More explanation

  1. Tips and tricks about Sparklines are on the dedicated forum page here.
  2. The PDF manual is downloadable here.
  3. Information about Sparklines Pro here.



Why choosing BeGraphic?

Other tools allow you to create Sparklines, such as: Excel 2010, Qlikview, Cognos, Business Objects, Xcelsius, Oracle Obiee, Bissantz Sparkmaker, Bonavista Microcharts, Infor Application Studio, SAS, Jasper Reports, Microstrategy, Tibco Spotfire, Tableau Software, Arcplan Dynasight or Information Builder Webfocus.

However, BeGraphic is the only software that offers you:

  • The largest range of Sparklines (18 types of in-cell charts).
  • Available in Microsoft Office (Excel & PowerPoint).
  • At zero cost (Sparklines for Excel is a free product).


Download the Lite Version of BeGraphic now (FREE).






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