What does the BeGraphic "Edition Pro" offer?

Want to use the free "V2Pro RC" until July 1st ?

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The "Edition Pro" engine is finished... But we still need some V2 users

to test it & tell us what should be added (to make it fully usable).


What is going on now ? 

Because the new "Edition Pro" has a complete new engine, we have first to make a schedule.
Right now, the V2Pro is only proposed as a "Pro Edition" (this won't change until July 1st).

As soon as the webshop will be ready (July 1st, 2012) you will be able to buy it (both for PowerPoint & Excel - 2007, 2010 32-bit, 2010 64-bit).

You can test the BeGraphic V2Pro "Release Candidate" by clicking "REGISTER HERE"
The first hundred users will use it for free until July 1st.


  • March 2012: BeGraphic V2Pro is quicker (therefore is not limited to 100 shapes anymore) and includes a 100% PowerPoint version (Optional).
  • April 2012: Our priority is to develop interactivity between BeGraphic and Office 2007 & Office 2010 (we don't focus on Office 2003 & 2000 right now).
  • Spring 2012: A new management of Maps ( simpler and more powerful):
    • Management in bulk of hundreds of regional shapes (Shape Table management):
      Hundred of Free Forms or Basic Shapes driven by BeGraphic
    • Renaming in bulk for meaningful names
    • Layers management and interactivity to a table where you can overlay data sets represented.
      This will allow you to make a visual correlation between differents sets of figurative.
  • Autumn 2012: New library of advanced graphs (charts, graphics, diagrams...)
    Powered by a new graph engine, the V2Pro will offer later the largest library of advanced charts for Microsoft Office such as the following plugins:
    • Gantt chart
    • Ishikawa diagram (cause and effect / fishbone data visualization)
    • Mekkographics / Marimekko chart
    • Treemap
    • Cascade / Waterfall / Bridge chart
    • Sankey diagram
    • Bumpchart & Parallel coordinates
    • Matrix Templates: Boston Consulting Group matrix (or Arthur D. Little, McKinsey matrix) or Gartner magic quadrant, Product-Market growth, Eisenhower's matrix...
    • and even dynamic asymetrical custom matrix!

 Example of beautiful, professional and elegant Gantt chart:


All of these pre-built templates will be entirely customizable to create your custom powerful story-boards.


Because Data visualization shows a more powerful narrative than text , the Pro Edition of BeGraphic will be soon vital for your presentations.


To get the V2Pro RC for free,
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* From July 1st, 2012

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